Through this feature customers will be able to initiate continous call after subscribing this Airtime Credit Balance service. User will get minimum 5 taka to Maximum 150 taka base on their usage.
Main Feature:
* Subscriber will get minimum 5 taka
* User will enjoy continous call process with this service although his or her balance is zero
Country’s one of the biggest subscription based services is Celebrity & Media news. Content partners for these services are fusionkites for local celebrity news, Indiatimes for Bollywood celebrity & movie updates. This versatile service brings subscriber the most latest an updated news from the media and celebrities.
Follo - An effort a Live Technologies are a celebrity connection that lets you connect your favorite celebrities (actors, actresses, models, etc.) from an endless list. You could see a large multimedia content related to your favorite celebrity, you feel more in touch with them, to hear their voice feed, you decide and comment like and share it on all platforms. Live Technologies doing Robi, GP, Banglalink and Other mobile company Celebrity Follo successfully.
Live Technologies launched one of the great service first time in Bangladesh named ADDA. ADDA is fully music based Entertainment service. It's a small step from live to meet together between celebrity and fans. Live introduced a new path for the music and celebrity lovers who want to meet with their favorite music celebrity, band and w\ant to blatherskite with them, want to take photo, get dinner and spend a fabulous time. Live Technologies have started this ADDA service with Rabi Axiata Ltd, GP and Banglalink. ADDA service will reach the fans very closer to their favorite Celebrity.
Live Technologies launches first time in Bangladesh general knowledge service by Robi. The user will able to know the Latest Current Affairs, Current events and happenings of all over the world by subscribing this service . This service is provided by SMS. General Knowledge service are different categories such as Bangladesh, International, Finance & Banking, Culture & Arts , Sports, Science & Technology, BCS Exam tips and many more. As a result of this General Knowledge service user will find the opportunity to take diner and spend time with their favorite superstar.
Unmad, the oldest satire magazine in Bangladesh, published since last 28 years, the popularity of its brand and uniqueness bring the attraction of people into Unmad branded jokes, keeping in a high standard and different altitude from traditional jokes. Live technologies hold the record number of jokes collection from Unmad and a high number of subscribers for this service.
Ripley’s Believe It or Not is a renowned brand worldwide for amazing news feature collection. Live technologies is the content partner of Ripley’s Entertainment in Bangladesh and provide Amazing news by Ripley’s across all operators. Service is offered both from SMS and WAP portal. News delivered on daily basis.
Bangladesh has chosen Live Technologies Limited as the solution provider for the Software Application named SMS Info Agent and also we have developed the application for Examination (A level, O Level, GCE, IELTS) Result Publication over SMS and Web. Driven by our reputation, a couple of other projects are still going on with The British Council, Bangladesh.
Live Technologies Limited is one of the pioneers to introduce News alert services in Bangladesh. Our SMS based news Alert with Channel I (inews to 1252) and ATN Bangla (two most popular TV channels in the country) is very popular and we have around 300000+ Registered user of these services and we are serving them with most updated news couple of times a day. Also we have this same alert arrangement with 3 Vital Daily News paper viz. The Daily Jugantor, The Daily Samakal and The Daily Inqilab. The East West media group is also news content partner of Live technologies which is a combined group of 4 daily news Amader Shomoy, The Daily Sun, Kaler kontho, banglanews24.com.
Ever first comic’s portal in Bangladesh is produced by Live technologies. It’s basically a WAP/GPRS based service but we also have associated short code for this service.Live technologies have 20+ cartoonist in contract for digital comics production. A cartoonist who is very popular here in Bangladesh and have a regular insertion in several daily newspapers and weekly magazines, are tied up here.
One of the largest Media info hub in Bangladesh, www.fusionkite.com is our partner for exclusive media news service in Robi Axiata Bangladesh. The service is running on short code 4001.
One of the unique services around the country is CRAZY DEAL provided by Live Technologies, which allows customers to get, book best deals and buy coupons for 2000+ merchants all over the country.
We provide CRBT contents from both local and international partners.
Bulk messaging platform, promotion and activation.
Country’s one of the biggest subscription based services is Celebrity & Media news. Content partners for these services are fusionkites for local celebrity news, Indiatimes for Bollywood celebrity & movie updates. This versatile service brings subscriber the most latest an updated news from the media and celebrities.
Web 2 SMS gateway solution and corporate messaging solution.
Alert Banking solution.
It’s like a theater for the users who like to watch movie. From here user can watch a movie with a lower cost from Bollywood, Dhallywood, Tollywood . User can use this service by using 3G .
There is no data charge in this portal . (port 16279) Portal Link: http://lt-movie.airtellive.mobi/
It’s a chat service for these users who like to friendship with others and looking for a dear ones. And also whose are want to connect with his/her friends all-time (port 20777).
ADDA is fully entertainment based service. User will able to meet with their favorite Musical band or singer through this service. User will find option to take diner, listen their favorite songs live form the artist and spend time with their favorite band group/singer.
Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.
In telecommunications, IVR is one of the most enjoyable channels for the mobile customers. IVR allows customers to interact with a company’s host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the IVR dialogue. IVR systems can respond with prerecorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed.IVR systems deployed in the network are sized to handle large call volumes.
IVR Project
# Sports
# mEdu (Mobile education based service)
# Entertainment World (Its look like a mobile radio)
# Islamic Kotha Service
Sports: This service is for these users who are diehard fan of sports. Subscribers would be able to listen live commentary, Live score update and much more by dialing a particular short code and can get in touch to his/her preferred sports. Main features of the service are given bellow-
# Daily Match Schedule
# Match Update
# Match Result
# Live Commentary
mEdu: Fully education based service for the mobile users from where they can get SSC, HSC, BCS, IELTS/TOFFEL, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, APTITUDE and ENGLISH LEARNING suggestion, test preparation and result from a single point.
Service Features-
# SSC /HSC test preparation and result
# IELTS, TOFFEL etc test and result
# BCS test preparation and result
# SSC/HSC suggestions
# APTITUDE test/ General knowledge test
# English Learning
Entertainment World:
‘Entertainment World’ is like an entertainment factory for the music lover who likes to enjoy song from different sector of music industry such as Movie, Modern, Folk, Rabindra Shangeet, Nazrul Shangeet, Patriotic and much more. It’s the place from where user can enjoy their favorite song and also can dedicate their love ones.
Service Features-
# Can enjoy Bangla, English, Hindi and Paanch Mishali song.
# Can create their own playlist.
# Can enjoy song from celebrity playlist.
# Can dedicate song to his/her favorite one.
# Can send Greetings.
# Can send Celebrity Greetings.
# Can set GoonGoon his/her favorite song.
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content such as forty seconds of video, one image, multiple images via slideshow or audio plus unlimited characters to and from mobile phones.
mgreetings: mgreetings is a MMS based subscription service from where user can get their required multimedia content without access any Web or WAP portal.
Service Inside:
Event Related:
# New year
# Valentine Day
# Language & Independence Day
# Pohela Boishakh
# Ramadan
# Eid

Celebrity Related:
# Dhallywood Male
# Dhallywood Female
# Bollywood Male
# Bollywood Female
# Hollywood Male
# Hollywood Female
Tk1 3G store is a daily subscription based mobile content consumption service. Subscribers will access the WAP portal through the subscription & download WAP content with a lower price.
Portal Link: tk1store.airtellive.mobi
Service Features
User can download 7 content per day at a rate of BDT 1 from the verity of content.